Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is a day full of intense emotion and is one of the most memorable of your life. Let us help you capture those moments. We are there to ensure that this wonderful day of yours becomes a collection of beautiful images telling your story in an artistic and elegant way. We always try to push the photographic boundaries, giving your wedding photography of the highest possible standard.

We love to capture those spontaneous moments, but we also like to add some more posed, formal shots that help to create the unique story of your wedding.

We believe that whilst ‘catching the moment’ is vital in our wedding photography it is also very important not to forget the more formal posed shots. We think they can be some of the best of the day. The art of posing is often overlooked today which is a great shame. This is also the time when the photographer has the chance to show off to everyone the wonderful colours of the dresses and flowers, the intricacy of the hair do’s, the artistry of the makeup, even the amazing and unusual shoes that have been so carefully and painstakingly chosen. We pose the groups in a way that complements all these things.


We love to do pre-wedding shoot as well. We feel it’s such a good chance to get to know one another and to learn to relax in front of the camera. It’s something we do for free for our clients simply because we know it works for us both.

Follow this link to view our wedding portfolio.


We want to help you remember every detail of your very special day. Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact us anytime to enquire about your wedding date.

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