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Wedding Photography Scotland

Scotland’s Wedding photography has come a long way in the last few years. There has been a shy away from the old-fashioned formal posed photographs to a new more sophisticated style of photography. This can be referred to as candid, reportage, or photojournalism. This is not a casual way of shooting.  In many ways, it is more challenging than traditional photography. It requires painstaking concentration, looking for moments that capture the height of emotion, those fleeting looks between people that say so much and are so easily lost. What we think works best for our weddings is to provide our clients with both styles, posed and traditional. This way we are creating the best of both worlds, and creating beautiful wedding images.


huge factor in favour of a Scottish wedding is the width and breadth of glorious venues.  There are simply so many on offer.  It is an ideal setting for almost any kind of wedding from the traditional to the unusual. We are blessed with a huge choice of different landscapes right on our doorstep – one week we will be in a castle on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea in the North East of Scotland and the next week we will be in a beautiful and historic house on a mountainside in the Scottish Highlands. We also travel south to the rolling lands of Central Scotland and the glorious cities of Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow. All these locations really drive us to get the best photography we can and they inspire us as much as they inspire our brides. People in Scotland definitely know how to have a good time and this is what we want to reflect on the photographs we take. Because of the advancements in technology, it is now possible to take hundreds of images on a wedding day and this, I feel, has also led to the demand for a more relaxed photojournalist style of photography. Our photography at Janie Barclay Photography is continually evolving. We are always looking at the work of the world’s top wedding photographers for ideas and inspiration. There is some exciting wedding photography going on in Scotland right now and we are proud to be part of it all.



We hope that wedding photography in Scotland keeps evolving and that we are part of it. It’s an exciting time to be a wedding photographer! As long as our brides like our work we will keep striving to please them with new and fresh ideas. We are only as good as our last wedding so make sure you keep checking our website!  We hope you choose us to share your special day.