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Signature Collection

We wanted to give you an option that gives you the best we have to offer. We have thought about this very carefully and put together the very best wedding photography options we could think of. Janie & David have sat down and thought out exactly what should be included in our Signature Collection.


We have included a really stunning wall mounted frame. This is the most prestigious frame producer in Scotland. Here is what they say about the frame:


The Clarity Range offers a choice of frames with an intricate twist. A multi-aperture acrylic mount sets images back for a three-dimensional feel and features a frosted surround that frames each image perfectly.


The frame is 20 inches wide by 15 inches high and has a durable 3mm frosted acrylic front. You simply can’t get a better quality frame.


We have also included a Digital Matted Album from Italian album manufacturer GraphiStudio. We felt this provided the highest quality matted album for you. This is what they say about the album:


The ideal parallelism to describe the evocative power of this book is, probably, the dress of your dreams, a princely wedding dress carefully hand made by the most exclusive tailor on earth. No one, apart from the photographers who Graphistudio clients, can provide you with such a new product, and no one would be able to enjoy a more exclusive wedding memento than yours.


We haven’t set an amount of pages for this album, as we want to make this offer so exclusive that we will include as many pages in the album as you need. All the albums come with a  choice of cover and paper.  We design the albums together from start to finish so you get exactly what you want.


We have chosen to include an engagement shoot with this as well. Just so on your wedding day we have already worked together and got to know each other. This is important to get the best out of the day. We will help you with posing and of course cuddling! So on your day, you know exactly what to do. We can provide hair & makeup for this complimentary.


You will have two photographers on your wedding day. That’s from start to finish, getting ready until the dancing. We will invest a lot of emotion and time into your wedding and don’t want to miss a single second of the day. Having two of us provides you with full coverage and makes sure you get every image you could ever want.


This is the very best Janie Barclay Photography has to offer and you shouldn’t be without it on your wedding day.


Please contact us for more information about our Signature Collection.