YERBURY DAY! Edinburgh - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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YERBURY DAY! Edinburgh

I know I have lots of weddings to put up, and I can’t wait to do that, but I just want to mention an amazing day I had in Edinburgh with Faye and Trevor Yerbury on their ‘Shoot In The City’ in June.

What a wonderful couple they are and how generous they were with their knowledge. I met some really interesting people there as well and the whole day was inspiring! They had two beautiful models called Sky and Satu …….

Follow this link for some VERY INTERESTING thoughts from Trevor in his BLOG: We went to seven different locations around Edinburgh, always with Faye and Trevor giving their utmost to help us all learn as much as we could from the day. They had so many suggestions and helpful ideas which honestly changed the way that I had previously approached wedding photography. We concentrated a lot on posing which was so helpful to me and – shock/horror – this was all done with natural daylight and NO FLASH and NO tilt of the camera! Very challenging! Even now I still find myself tilting the camera – it’s a hard habit to break.

It’s all so simple – (joke!).

Thank you both so much, Faye and Trevor, and leave a space for me in October!

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