Dream Wedding Competition - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Dream Wedding Competition

Dream Wedding Competition with Originalfm 106

In many ways last week was a great week for me professionally – being chosen as the photographer for the Original fm 106 Dream Wedding Competition in Aberdeen was amazing. I loved all the excitement of the whole event – making the Janie Barclay Photography ad for the radio (using my own voice!) and being involved with it all the lovely people at Originalfm – it was such fun.
I think there must be a ‘photoshop’ for audio because clever Martin at Originalfm seemed to transform my voice into something quite acceptable!

The excitement was beginning!

The day of the final dawned and it really felt very tense in the ballroom of the Ardoe House Hotel waiting there with all the 40 finalists. There was so much at stake for all these hopeful young people because the prize was immense – a wedding valued at over £30,00 for one lucky couple (the honeymoon in Antigua appealed to me with the 50ft private swimming pool!)

waiting for the answer!

The lucky winners were a fabulous couple – what a gorgeous bride and groom they will be and how lucky am I to be taking the photographs at their wedding. They will certainly be appearing here on my blog later on this year! (I think it might be in October so keep looking).

The happy couple and the guys from Original fm

During that hectic last week of the competition my three lovely children came home for Easter. We managed to squeeze a lot of fun times into that week too – we climbed Ben Rinnes, sailed, fished, rode and heaven knows what else…. they will certainly all go back to work looking sunburnt and healthy! The weather was amazing – have a look at some of the photos….

return home of the working girl!

The boys fishing….


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