Following a Dream - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Following a Dream

The steps we have to climb…..

As many of you will know, I have a gorgeous daughter called Lucy. She’s recently graduated from St. Andrews with a degree in Geoscience and has just had a wonderful summer riding for the Craigies ( ……. she is now having a reality check and knows she should seriously start job hunting. So what path was she to follow? Office or horses? Head or heart?

By chance, an AMAZING opportunity arose through an ad in The Horse and Hound, for a rider in a show jumping yard in Staffordshire (‘heart’ won far too easily!) so off we set down the road for a stab at her dream. We were greeted by an extraordinarily bizarre and irrational set up, and the interview that morning turned out to be one of those moments in life that you have to put down to experience! Lucy is a very happy go lucky girl and we were soon laughing in amazement at our weird experience and heading the 500 miles home again.

Talking of dreams, one of mine has always been to see Hadrians Wall…. usually I am a passenger in a car that is flying past that incredible piece of history and the driver is in a great haste to get somewhere else.
So! I was the driver this time, and could not pass this opportunity by…..

When we actually saw ‘The Wall’ for the first time we were stunned. The physical remains of something that was built nearly two thousand years ago was truly awesome.I could see how each stone had been perfectly cut to fit, and began to understand the immense task it had been to build this vast symbol of Roman power right across Northern England.

Being the daughter of a wedding photographer, Lucy is used to being asked to try out some unusual poses! Poor girl sometimes…… although here it looks like she’s fallen asleep in the sun –
(it was SO lovely and warm for an October day).

but I got some lovely portraits too…

The other reason we persuaded ourselves to head south on our roadtrip was that we could visit a much loved horse of Lucys that we had sold two years ago. She was one of the best horses we ever had – very quirky and temperamental – and she taught Lucy so much. She had been sold on several times since then and her future was no longer within our control. We needed to see how she was doing before the winter set in. Imagine the joy when Lucy saw her…….

She was as beautiful as ever, and a little addition had been added:

We were pleased beyond words to see that she looked so happy and content and that she was well rugged up for the winter. Lucy and I are busy buying our lottery tickets now so we can bring her home one day…….

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