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Over the years I have made some very good links with partners in the wedding industry. Here are a few companies and individuals that I know provide the highest standard of work in their fields.

This is not to say that these are the only people I work well with. There are so many. I am amazed all the time at the breadth, talent and variety there is to be had in Scotland in this wedding business! business!

If you looking for help on your wedding day check out Enchanted Boutique, she is such a nice person and will help getting into you & your bridesmaids into your  dress’s. It makes everything hassle free! She brings along a steamer, sewing machine for emergencies and an all in one kit! It’s really worth it!

We love the wedding dress’s from La’Orr, they provide a really good service and have a huge selection of dress’s.

We have often been at a wedding where Chicabelle Make-Up Artistry has done the make-up for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. Her work is stunning and we highly recommend her for your wedding day.

Couture designer Isabelle Randall produces fantastic tailored wedding gowns from her shop in Aberdeen

We have always been impressed with the cakes from Bev at Cakes By Design. They are elegant as well as being mouth watering! We have a special offer at the moment with Cakes By Design – please see this page for more details: Special Cake Offer

For flowers I so enjoy the artistry and beauty of Audstar’s designs. She always adds that little bit extra to her work and never fails to create something original.

We are also proud members of the SWPP,  The MPA and The Guild Of Photographers

MPA PhotographersThe Guild Of Photographers

You can see more of my work on my studio website. Slide Show Of My Work

We are also very keen on Social Media, so please feel free to explore all our different sites.

Follow us on pinterest http://pinterest.com/janiebarclay/boards/

Our Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/janiebarclayphotography and Our Twitter handle is @JanieBarclay

We have our studio website at www.barclaystudios.co.uk and our aerial photography website at www.aps.photography. We also have an online shop for Aerial Photography Equipment at www.creativeflyers.co.uk

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