Gillian and Gary at Kings College Chapel and The Northern Hotel - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Gillian and Gary at Kings College Chapel and The Northern Hotel

We had a marvellous day in October at Gillian and Garry’s wedding at  King’s College Chapel  and  The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen . The sun shone all day (too brightly at times from a photographic point of view!) and there was a lovely buzz going on – so many happy, smiling people!

Gillian looked so beautiful in her dress. It was very simple and very elegant – she had chosen an ivory colour that really set off her gorgeous complexion. Her flowers, by Jill Ritchie at Hays Flowers ( suited Gillian and her dress to perfection.

Gillian’s two bridesmaid were Garry’s daughter Taylar and her sister Debra, looking gorgeous in blue here under the trees at Kings.

I asked Gillian how she had met Garry – it was in O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub in Aberdeen where Gillian (with her friends) bumped into Garry (and his friends)… and a few drinks later…. and a dance later……. (instigated by Gillian!)……and a walk on the beach the next day… they both knew straight away that this WAS IT! How amazing is that?

Gillian was introduced to Garry’s daughter Taylar very soon afterwards, and they moved in together in March 2009. Garry, very romantically, proposed to Gillian while they were on holiday in Dublin, visiting the Irish pubs there (to commemorate their first meeting). Unbeknownst to Gillian, it had been very carefully planned, and Garry was waiting for the right moment to pop the question. Finally, and nervously because time was running out, he took the plunge and said: “What do you think we should do?”
Gillian got the wrong end of the stick and replied, “Get on the bus, we’re going to be late getting back to the hotel”!

The rest is history as they say!

Their reception was at The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen ( where, as always, there were taken good care of. It’s an interesting hotel built in the Art Deco era with helpful and friendly staff.

Their honeymoon, the lucky things, was spent in a 5 star luxury hotel in Hurghada in Egypt ( They said it was all they could ever have wished for – the perfect place to chill and relax after their hectic wedding planning……. and on their way home Garry provided Gillian with what she said was the icing on the cake!

What could it be? Gillian is a handbag fanatic! So lovely Garry took her into Selfridges in Manchester and said: “Buy any handbag that you would like as a wedding present!”
Brave man!
Gillian chose a CHLOE handbag … she said she was crying throughout….because she was so overwhelmed by his gesture and had never dreamed that one day she would have her own Chloe handbag. Sorry I haven’t got a photo to show you all!

It was a memorable day and thank you both for letting me be there.

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