Aboyne Castle

Roma and Stephen at Coo Cathedral

Wedding at Coo Cathedral

Roma and Stephen at Coo Cathedral

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After a week of boiling hot weather we were watching the forecast very carefully – rain and thunder were forecast! As always though we were extremely lucky and the sun shone from the beginning until the end of this magical day at Coo Cathedral in Aboyne. The ‘Cathedral’ is a grand and majestic old cow byre belonging to the castle. It is a stunning building with natural light flooding in from large windows all around.
Roma and Stephen are a super couple. The wedding was designed around elegance and simplicity as you will see from the photographs. The peace and tranquility in that vast space during the ceremony was felt by us all. The Minister had a wonderful sense of humor and caused much hilarity amidst the more serious moments. Afterwards all the guests poured out into sunshine with Pimms, laughter and delicious nibbles, a perfect setting for a summer wedding. There were games to play for the children and grown ups alike which the neighboring herd of cows thought very interesting! This gave us and the bridal party the chance to escape to the Castle grounds for photographs – have a look at this magnificent building with its beautiful gardens and stream running through.
We returned in time for everyone to sit down to a sumptuous meal provided by Hudson’s Catering and the speeches. Much hilarity was had by the fact that the best man was a best woman, and there was laughter all-round. The dancing was enthusiastically enjoyed by all and continued long into the warm and balmy night …….
Good luck to Roma and Stephen, we very much enjoyed sharing your wonderful day.
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Duff House, Banff

The Gordon Schools Prom at Duff House & Fife Lodge

July 28th brought a fun evening spent with the Class of 2007 from The Gordon Schools, Huntly. They all had a great time and we really enjoyed photographing them in front of the stunning backdrop of Duff House in Banff. Off to Fife Lodge afterwards, where they had decorated the ballroom beautifully, complete with giant gold balloons spelling “PROM” of course! Thank you to Class of 2007 for having us, massive congratulations and good luck for the future!



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Bride with Highland Cow

Sarah and Kevin at Meldrum House Hotel

Wedding at Meldrum House Hotel

Sarah and Kevin at Meldrum House Hotel

Wedding at Meldrum House Hotel | 3

We had a lovely wedding with Sarah and Kevin at Meldrum House Hotel. My daughter is very good friends with one of Sarah’s bides maids so we were really excited about this one. The whole wedding had a lovely family feel to it, Sarah and Kevin had two little boys who were so well behaved all day. They looked just the part in their kilts and shirts. We knew straight away this was going to be a fun wedding when a huge green John Deere tractor pulled up outside with a Bestman at the wheel. It provided some excellent photo opportunities.

Sarah looked beautiful in her dress and her bridesmaids looked amazing in their pink dress’s. After the ceremony we wanted to ‘create’ something a bit special to remember the day by, so we took the whole wedding out the front of Meldrum and created a heart shape using everyone at the wedding. We think the end result was so cool! It really worked. Gary the magician provided some spectacular entertainment for the kid and adults, the white bunny always goes down well, it so cute!

Meldrum House Hotel always provides some stunning places for pictures, this time we went to a few new places we found earlier in the week and got some amazing images of Sarah, of course she was so beautiful it was always going to be easy!

Everything looked stunning on the day, so many little details, just wonderful. We hope the two of you have a lovely honeymoon and we’ll see you when you get back.

Janie, David & Rhea.


We hoped you enjoyed this video! All the best in the future to the happy couple!

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  1. Hazel Allan
    Jul 04 2013

    What a super tribute to a fantastic day. Beautiful memories x

  2. Heather Pirie
    Jul 04 2013

    Thank you Janie, Rhea and David for capturing the day so perfectly. x

  3. Susan Murray
    Jul 04 2013

    The photos are amazing you really captured the mood of the day such good memories can’t wait to see more x

Craigievar castle

Julie & Kevin at Cushnie Church & Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle Castle & Cushnie Church

Julie & Kevin at Cushnie Church & Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle Castle & Cushnie Church | 0

We wanted to show you this wedding, it was a lovely day spent with Julie and Kevin at Craigievar Castle & Cushnie Church. We were lucky in all aspects; the weather, the locations and the people were all amazing. David photographed Kevin and the dogs that had sweet little flower collars. They both behaved perfectly!  Janie was with Julie and her 2 bridesmaids and flower girl who were also all well behaved! Janie got some really wonderful pictures of them that you can see below.

Cushnie Church is a beautiful country church set back from the road along a tree lined avenue. It made for a perfect setting for this wedding. We had a very personal ceremony and some lovely hymns. After the church we headed off in the wedding cars to Craigievar Castle. It’s such a stunning castle and looks like it belongs in a Disney movie.  It is 7 stories high and pastel pink! It made for some superb shots as you can see below, we really enjoyed using this castle including the inside. Who wouldn’t want to be a wedding photographer?! Julie and Kevin were so great to work with, just a happy vibrant couple who were truly in love. We captured some perfect images of them that will always remind them of this wonderful day! Thank you for reading this, please leave us a comment, and see you next time!












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Wedding Dance

Alexandra & Tom Arnold at St. Machars Cathedral and Thainstone House Hotel

Guest Blog Feature

We asked Alex to write something for the blog that we could share. I had a tear in my eye reading this, no one has ever been so kind, Alex thank you so much. It really does mean so much to us. They were married at St. Machars Cathedral & Thainstone House Hotel.

For our wedding we knew we wanted to support as many local suppliers and small businesses as possible. I managed to source many things (my veil, bits for the centrepieces and gifts) from Facebook and eBay. Our top table favours came from a local chocolate company, my dream dress was made by Isabelle Randall who has a shop in Aberdeen. One of our best finds, however, was Janie Barclay Photography.

When we first met Janie she was relatively new to the business but we both knew right away that she was the right photographer for us. We loved her style and her personality shone through her work. We booked her over two years before our wedding and consider ourselves loyal customers! The whole experience was a joy, from the initial meeting to inventing a code word when we wanted to be left alone on the day (banana!) to seeing the end result and sharing all our photos with our loved ones.

What we have is not only a selection of amazing pictures that we will never tire of looking at but a team of photographers we hope to keep in touch with and use again in the future.

Kissing Bride










Wedding Cake

Wedding Favour


Wedding Teddy

Wedding Dance









If anyone else wants to write a guest blog post please contact us for more information!


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Lovely Couple

Julia and Tucker at Kings Community Church

The wedding of Julia & Tucker

Julia and Tucker at Kings Community Church

The wedding of Julia & Tucker | 0

What a wonderful day we had with Julia and Tucker. They met while he was over here working for the church, they stayed in touch and we felt so privileged to be apart of that! We love weddings and Kings Community Church, it is such a vibrant place with live music for the hymns and truly heart felt sermons. There was a special twist this time though, Julia’s dad was the minister and he married his daughter, how proud he must of felt?!

After the ceremony at Kings Community Church and some snacks downstairs, we went to a secret garden that Julia and Tucker had found in January! It was simply breathtaking, the sun was high in the sky all the flowers were out and can you believe it we were warm! We had a blast on the lawn, doing jumping shots even reservoir dogs! Everyone was up for having a real laugh, and we just took photo after photo! Both families were lovely, I really mean it, everyone was so friendly it was so nice to see such genuine warm people. After the photos is was off to the hotel for food and dancing.

We really wish both of you all the happiness in the world, we hope all of them stay in touch! I also want to say how lovely it was to meet some old friends there, Jo and Matt, Jessie and Neil I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Here are some of the pictures from the wedding! Enjoy!




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Emotional Bride

Claire & Stuart Massie at Castle Fraser

Castle Fraser Wedding

We had such a nice day with Claire & Stuart and their gorgeous family. It was really very lucky of us to have such a spectacular venue on such a warm sunny day. This was really a family wedding with the two little ones with us all day. Jamie did get a bit sleepy but woke up for the important parts and look the part in his wee kilt! We went on to the Holiday Inn Westhill, and it was looking fabulous! Fairy lights everywhere! Have a look at some of their pictures. Enjoy!

Emotional Bride

Family wedding Photo

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Wedding Beach

Pamela and Liam at The Tufted Duck

Magical Wedding

We are catching up on our blog today, this has been a magical time for Janie Barclay Photography. So many lovely people in our lives, all our brides are fantastic and we are having the time of our lives at the moment! Let me show you this wedding we just did. We started at the very beginning of the day in Fraserburgh and finished the day dancing the night away with the Big Show at the Tufted Duck. What a day! Here are some images from it, I hope you enjoy them and I hope you enjoy the new blog. One of the amazing parts of this wedding was the detail. It was stunning, really everything was there, incredible! The castle is Cairnbulg a really nice venue for wedding pictures.
































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Fasque House Fashion Shoot

A brilliant shoot!

Fasque House Fashion Shoot

A brilliant shoot! | 0

We have a wonderful opportunity to work with our friends on a very special location. Fasque House is a breathtaking estate with a most gorgeous Baronial Mansion. The inside has been modernised to the highest standard. Our friends at ModelzUK who we have worked with many times came with us to create some lovely images. The clothes are from AB10, who are a fashion retailer in Aberdeen with a fantastic store in Union Square. The hair was done by the very creative The Edge Hair And Beauty who did amazing job on the girls & boys hair. Make up was by the very talented Becky Murray Make Up! We had such a fun time, we had the whole Janie Barclay Photography team with us. It was a pleasure, well done everyone. Now here are some photos from the day.

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (11 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (12 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (18 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (22 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (25 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (27 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (28 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (30 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (33 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (38 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (41 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (43 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (44 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (46 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (48 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (51 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (52 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (54 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (61 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (63 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (67 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (69 of 110)

Fasque_Janie_Barclay (76 of 110)

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Linda and Stuart at Tullynessle Church & Glen Tanar

We had the privilege of photographing a lovely wedding with Linda and Stuart. They were a lovely couple and we had such an amazing day. Tullynessle Church is fast becoming one of our favorite churches, everything about it is perfect. It location set peacefully among the hills. The interior is beautifully finished, and it’s owned by the local community, this all makes it a special place to get married! We then went across to the very picturesque Glen Tanar Estate, where we had all dancing and drinks. The ballroom looked amazing, and everyone looked to be having an amazing time.













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Pittodrie House Hotel

Dionne & Phill Gobey at Pittodrie House Hotel

Pittodrie House Hotel

We had a wonderful wedding at Pittodrie House Hotel with Dionne and Paul. We love this hotel, it has so many unique features. The main house it like a castle, the whole hotel is steeped in local history and the opportunities for lovely photographs are endless. . Have a look at the pictures, they are stunning! I honestly have to say we are so lucky with the weather, the rain held off until we had finished our last outside photograph, perfect! Dionne’s flowers were done by Audstar and were amazing. Her dress was fabulous, and Paul looked very smart in his kilt. They made a lovely couple and the this really come across in the photos.


We got some amazing images in the grounds of the hotel. The weather held of just long enough to get our photos!


Pittodrie House Hotel

We want to wish them all the very best for the future and I am sure we will stay in touch.

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Wedding Photography in Scotland

Wedding Photography in Scotland

Wedding Photography in Scotland

Wedding Photography in Scotland | 0

Wedding photography in Scotland has come a long way in the last few years. There has been a shy away from the old fashioned formal posed photographs to a new more sophisticated style of photography. This can be referred to as candid, reportage, or photojournalism. This is not a casual way of shooting.  In many ways it is more challenging than traditional photography. It requires painstaking concentration, looking for moments that capture the height of emotion, those fleeting looks between people that say so much and are so easily lost. What we think works best at our weddings is to provide our clients with both styles, posed and traditional. This way we are creating the best of both worlds, and creating beautiful wedding images.

Wedding Photography in Scotland

People in Scotland definitely know how to have a good time and this is what we want to reflect in the photographs we take. Because of the advancements in technology it is now possible to take hundreds of images on a wedding day and this, I feel, has also led to the demand for a more relaxed photojournalist style of photography. Our photography at Janie Barclay Photography is continually evolving. We are always looking at the work of the world’s top wedding photographers for ideas and inspiration. There is some exciting wedding photography going on in Scotland right now and we are proud  to be part of it all.

A huge factor in favor of a Scottish wedding is the width and breadth of it’s glorious venues.  There are simply so many on offer.  It is an ideal setting for almost any kind of wedding from the traditional to the unusual. We are blessed with a huge choice of different landscapes right on our door step – one week we will be in a castle on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea in the North East of Scotland and the next week we will be in a beautiful and historic house on a mountain side in the Scottish Highlands. We also travel south to the rolling lands of Central Scotland and the glorious cities of Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow. All these locations really drive us to get the best photography we can and they inspire us as much as they inspire our brides.

Fasque House Hotel Wedding

We hope that wedding photography in Scotland keeps evolving and that we are part of it. It’s an exciting time to be a wedding photographer! As long as our brides like our work we will keep striving to please them with new and fresh ideas. We are only as good as our last wedding so make sure you keep checking our website!  We hope you choose us to share you special day.

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