Rachael & Stuart at Peterculter Parish Church & Aboyne Victory Hall

I have know Rachael most of my life, she went to school with my sister and our family’s have been friends since. I knew she had been talking about getting married but then came a shock…she was getting married but in 6 weeks time!  Once I recovered we start to make plans so I would be free that day. Well it all came together through some good friends and some long days.

They got married in Peterculter Parish Church, that had ties to Stuarts family. We then stopped at the Potarch for some stunning photographs and on the the Aboyne Victory Hall.

Everything went to plan and it was a really happy family day. Thank you so much for letting me capture it and I know you’ll love the USA!







Wedding cake with a spark!

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Jennifer and Luke’s wedding at Meldrum House Hotel

Meldrum House Hotel wedding

We had a lovely wedding with Jennifer and Luke at Meldrum House Hotel. The hotel is a lovely setting for a wedding and this was no exception. Jennifer had six bridesmaids and a really cute flower girl, what a laugh we had with them all! They totally outnumbered the boys, but I didn’t hear many complaints from them. We had a beautiful ceremony with candles down the aisle and the flower arrangements on the table had an impressive tree trunk under them. We managed to get most of the photographs done outside despite the cold.

The grounds of Meldrum House let us really capture the team that is Jen, Luke and their really cute son, Jack. Jack is only two years old but was a real star on the day, letting us get some really good images of him! Thanks Jack! Jennifer is also expecting so we really can’t wait to see the latest addition to the family.

Below is a small sample of the amazing day we had, I am sure you can see Jennifer was a stunning bride, her dress was to die for and we had some real fun getting some stunning images for her. The camera just loved her and they were such an easy couple to work with. The evening went down really well, we sat with their guests at the dinner table and it was really lovely to be such a part of the whole day. Many thanks to you all for such a lovely wedding and letting us capture it for you!

Enjoy the photographs below.





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Ashley & Scott’s Wedding

The weather was perfect for us at the gorgeous Norwood Hall Hotel, Aberdeen last weekend for Ashley and Scott’s wedding. Ashley looked absolutely beautiful in her stunning Suzanne Neville gown along with her four bubbly bridesmaids.

The grounds at Norwood were looking particularly bonnie on the Spring afternoon and Ashley and Scott were full of enthusiasm and love for each other. The day was packed with fun and laughter with their family and friends.

We look forward to staying in touch and would like to wish the happy couple all the best for their happy future together.


Venue: Ruthrieston South Church & Norwood Hall Hotel

MUA: Chicabelle Make-Up Artistry

Hair: Tracy Allan

Florist: Flower Vogue

Piping: Thistle Piping

Dress: Suzanne Neville 

Cars: Rainbow Prestige

Band: Velvet Five

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Successful Licentiate submission LSWPP

So we had some really good news today. David has been awarded his LSWPP. Here is what they had to say;

“It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that the images submitted have been accepted as being of a professional standard and demonstrates your ability to create images of excellence”

We are so excited, there are some incredible images we have created over the last couple of years, here are some from his panel.


Wedding Fireworks
Norwood Hall Hotel Wedding
Dunotter Castle
Beach Wedding
Bride on Bennachie
Fingask Wedding
Emotional Dad at wedding
Stunning Bridal Make up
Loving couple
Bridal Party Fun Shot
Pittodire House Hotel

You can see them all there:


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We wanted to show you a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ to show you how much we enjoy what we do, what fun we have and how we set out to create something beautiful. We wanted to use Bennachie because it’s our local landmark, we see it everyday and in all weathers and it’s always magnificent. We set out at 4 am yesterday morning to try and catch the sunrise from the top. The weather forecast sounded promising although it was -5 degrees in the car park! Our bride was so brave. We carried everything up and she changed into her dress on the top of the mountain. It was so cold and she never complained! Enjoy the video and any questions please ask



We had an amazing morning. I could recommend it to anyone, just go up and watch the sun rise. Just once! It’s worth it! We’ll be trying to bring you more of behind the scenes footage to show you how we work. Thanks for reading and watching!

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Catriona & Liam at Pittodrie House Hotel

Winter Wedding at Pittodrie House Hotel

Catriona & Liam at Pittodrie House Hotel

Winter Wedding at Pittodrie House Hotel | 0

We had a fantastic day with Catriona & Liam. We met them at the Fennel Wedding Exhibition and they just booked David straight away, so fantastic! David went on to meet Catriona and her lovely mum at Pittodire to plan the wedding. Catriona’s dress was so stunning is was  ivory lace over an oyster gown and was perfectly fitted, it really was the right dress for her. Her cake was a fabulous creation by Annie Denham.


Pittodrie House was looking fantastic as well. The ceremony was is the intimate Billiard Room, you could see Liam was nervous to being with, but everyone relaxed into the ceremony and in the end it was really relaxed and happy time! We went straight out for photographs so we could make good use of the beautiful winter sun, the weather was perfect for us and Catriona had some blue Hunters to keep her warm and dry!


Pittodrie House  looks really lovely in the winter, we had the sun starting to set behind Bennachie. The whole day was such fun, everyone was so cooperative for us, and it really shows in the pictures, they all look so relaxed! Anyway that’s enough from me, enjoy this video we created for them!



Many thanks to Catriona & Liam, for letting us be part of there special day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Pittodire House Hotel Bridal Party

Pittodire House Hotel Bridal


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Turning can’t into can and dreams into plans

My passion for photography began long before I bought my first DSLR around three years ago.I have always been the creative type, never one for maths or science, succeeding more so in the arts at school and then achieving a first class honors degree in Corporate Communication from RGU.

My career in Marketing began immediately after student life and focused on event management and design primarily whilst building up lots of industry contacts. But photography has continually been there, not only at weekends and evenings, but at the back of mind, wondering if I would ever get the chance to turn my passion into a profession.

Shortly after purchasing my first ‘real’ camera, my hobby and love for performing soon took a turn from being on the stage, to shooting my friends whilst they belted out numbers and dance routines in local amateur dramatic shows. I tried not to take offence to the fact my fellow thespians seemed to prefer me being behind the camera. I presume it was because they loved my photos and not that dancing has always been my forte to singing!

Wedding Photographer Rhea

Friends and family, through the wonder that is Facebook, soon got sight of my photos and before I knew it was photographing engagement parties, birthday celebrations, baby bumps, upcoming actor’s headshots, family portraits, dance festivals… I was then fortunate enough to meet Janie and Dave last year at a friend’s wedding at Raemoir House Hotel. We got chatting and I think my enthusiasm was rather apparent. The ball started rolling, I quickly got involved in their busy schedule and instantly gained knowledge and tips week-by-week from the professionals.

The learning curve has been steep, but very well taught I must add, and will always continue. What with advancing technology, client demand and endless possibilities; thanks to lighting, styles, equipment and products…I could go on. However, there’s no better way than just doing it, taking lots and lots of photos but remembering to go back and evaluate, that’s when I really furthered my knowledge. Also, by reading recommended textbooks, which have been studied by Janie and Dave cover-to-cover, more than once, and of course, scouring the web which is jam-packed. I am very lucky that the opportunity has come about to make my hobby a career and who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning and know that their day ahead won’t really seem like a job because you love it so much?

I am delighted to be joining the team at Janie Barclay Photography full time in the new year. 2014 is going to be an exciting and extremely busy 12 months for me, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am going to stand up for the believers in destiny. Not only did I randomly meet my now husband-to-be on a bus one Saturday evening back in 2005 but I ran into two talented and lovely people who have helped turn my dream into reality.

If that doesn’t prove that luck or fate exists, I am not sure what does.

Wedding Photographer Rhea

Wedding Photographer Rhea




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Janie Barclay Photography Has Moved

We have moved to an amazing new building!

Janie Barclay Photography Has Moved

We have moved to an amazing new building! | 0


We are thrilled to tell you all that we have now moved our studio to Inverurie! This thriving town is the perfect place for us to call home. Our studio is at the end of Chelsea Road, just off the main street (the lane runs between Aberdein Considine Solicitors and The Edge hair dressers). Our albums and images will be on full display for you to come and see.

Please pop along, we’d love for you to come in for a chat and a coffee!

The Studio, Chelsea Road

Janie Barclay Photography, Chelsea Road, Inverurie, AB51 3PL

Horse Beach Wedding

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Thainstone House Hotel

A wedding venue you won't forget

Thainstone House Hotel

A wedding venue you won't forget | 0

Thainstone is located just 15 minutes outside Aberdeen, very close to Inverurie. This fantastic hotel is steeped in Scottish history. It was burnt down by the Jacobites and then re-build by the famous architect Archibald
Simpson. It enjoys extensive grounds and a lovely lawn outside the front door that provides perfect opportunity for really good photography. You really get a sense of its history when you are standing in its impressive entrance. As you
walk in the huge front door and up the stairs to reception you can see all it’s fine furnishings.

Thainstone House Hotel Wedding

The history is impressive but for a wedding more practical matters are at the front of the bride’s mind. The staff are always welcoming, they are never too busy to get you a drink or show you how to get somewhere. We see alot of
hotels in our travels and the staff at Thainstone are some of the best we know of. The hotel has two main rooms one is the ceremony room where you actually get married and the other is the dining room usually used for eating and dancing.
Both rooms are well kitted out for their use. We have had some truly memorable ceremonies there. The food is what you would expect of such a hotel, that is to say it’s always delicious!

In terms of wedding photography there are lots of excellent choices. We don’t want to give away too many secrets but have a look at some of our pictures and you will see. It provides an excellent opportunity to get all the guests
‘inside’ in one picture. The space by the impressive staircase is perfect and you can fit in 120 people no problem. There are not many hotels where no matter what the weather you can capture the entire wedding in one go. The architecture
also provides many lovely scenes for photography. The arches at the front door are one of our favourite places to work.

Once everyone has eaten and hopefully had their fill of drink the carpet is pulled back to reveal a good sized dance floor where the happy couple can dance the night away! We always enjoy are weddings there, no matter the weather or time of year it never fails to impress us. I can really Thainstone is one of those truly memorable wedding venues.

Thainstone House Hotel Outside Photo

We love doing weddings there and have so many lovely pictures. If you are thinking of getting married there then get in touch, one of our fantastic albums sits in the reception hall so you can see our work any time you visit. We never
fail to capture your magical day!

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1940 Vintage Soilder

Tegan and Stuart at Sunnyside Cottage

Sunnyside Cottage

This was always going to be a little alternative (think 1940’s vintage wedding), and WE LOVED IT! From the traditional Celtic ceremony in the garden to the frolicking in the corn, what a day! Tegan and Stuart are an amazing couple, Stuart is in the Navy and they have long spells apart where he and Tegan can’t communicate. Every minute they spend together is special and you could really feel this at their wedding.

We have to give a special mention to their lovely family and friends as well as the dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbit who all played an important part in the day as you can see from the ceremony pictures. The ceremony was very moving – from the words used to the birds singing in the trees in the garden.

The corn field was something special too – Tegan had the perfect dress to match Stuart’s smart naval uniform. They both looked wonderful and were  a huge amount of fun to work with which  filled us with such enthusiasm to get something special for them. I think we really did push our boundaries! What fun we had.

We were so happy with the results, we got some spectacular images for them and we really wish this lovely couple all the happiness in the future.

1940 Vintage Soilder






Much Love David & Janie




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Banchory Lodge Hotel

Rebecca and Lee at Banchory Lodge Hotel

Banchory Lodge Hotel

We had the pleasure of photographing Rebecca and Lee’s wedding at Banchory Lodge Hotel. We were a little worried about the weather as it was forecast thunderstorms! Arriving in the morning the rain was pouring down, but as soon as the ceremony finished the rain cleared and out came the sun! Rebecca looked absolutely stunning in her dress, it suited her perfectly!

The day went beautifully, we got all the family shots outside the hotel and had such fun with the bridal party, one of the really fun shots of the day was the Braveheart charge! All I heard was ‘Sons of Scotland’ then 15 guys charging over the lawn, not something you get to experience everyday!

The speeches were hilarious, I mean they had the whole room crying and laughing, the two Bestmen did such a good job of embarrassing Lee from childhood stories to old magazines!

The whole day was over too quickly, the band did a great job of getting everyone on the dance floor! I am sure they all danced late into the night. Banchory Lodge Hotel is a fantastic venue for a wedding, both for photos and for your guests!

Here is a video from their day –

From the whole Janie Barclay team we wish you all the best in the future and really hope we get to meet you again in the future!


With much love Janie, David & Rhea @ Banchory Lodge Hotel

Banchory Lodge Hotel

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River Don

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress | 0

I want to start with this video of the day! Keep reading though because there are more pictures below. Comments as always are welcome!

Finally I can write about a brilliant day we had we had with 9 brides! We first headed off to Drum Castle. They aren’t really doing weddings this year as they have renovations going on in their tower. They have a lovely little chapel in the grounds, perfect for 9 brides! Here is the first image under the trees in Drum Castle’s garden. This took a bit of time to set up but it was all such fun – all the girls were so beautiful in their wedding gowns.


After this we tried some shots on the stairs at the front of the castle. On a sunny day this is such a great place to be. The castle gardens are almost as nice as the castle is itself. We then tried some running shots – I don’t think I will ever see that again in all my life –  nine brides sprinting towards me dresses flying!



We had great fun in the gardens trying different locations, this one worked so well – luckily no one fell off!


We then headed to the river, this was an incredible location, one we had no idea existed so close to Aberdeen. The water was actually not too bad and the girls were SO brave! Everyone had a go, and we really got some of the best pictures we have ever taken. The light was perfect, a golden sun set just for us!


Isn’t this the most amazing baby bump shot you have ever seen?! When the baby grows up and see this…what a moment that will be!


Something spectacular to finish with …..





We had the famous painting of Ophelia  by Millais in mind when taking these shots. Did it work?



Thanks to everyone! Hair by Meshel Watt  and Make Up by TLC Beauty

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