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I want to start with this video of the day! Keep reading though because there are more pictures below. Comments as always are welcome!

Finally I can write about a brilliant day we had we had with 9 brides! We first headed off to Drum Castle. They aren’t really doing weddings this year as they have renovations going on in their tower. They have a lovely little chapel in the grounds, perfect for 9 brides! Here is the first image under the trees in Drum Castle’s garden. This took a bit of time to set up but it was all such fun – all the girls were so beautiful in their wedding gowns.


After this we tried some shots on the stairs at the front of the castle. On a sunny day this is such a great place to be. The castle gardens are almost as nice as the castle is itself. We then tried some running shots – I don’t think I will ever see that again in all my life –  nine brides sprinting towards me dresses flying!



We had great fun in the gardens trying different locations, this one worked so well – luckily no one fell off!


We then headed to the river, this was an incredible location, one we had no idea existed so close to Aberdeen. The water was actually not too bad and the girls were SO brave! Everyone had a go, and we really got some of the best pictures we have ever taken. The light was perfect, a golden sun set just for us!


Isn’t this the most amazing baby bump shot you have ever seen?! When the baby grows up and see this…what a moment that will be!


Something spectacular to finish with …..





We had the famous painting of Ophelia  by Millais in mind when taking these shots. Did it work?



Thanks to everyone! Hair by Meshel Watt  and Make Up by TLC Beauty

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