Nicola's Dress Trash at The House of Monymusk - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Nicola’s Dress Trash at The House of Monymusk

Nicola’s Dress Trash at The House of Monymusk
There was never a wetter day than the Sunday in June that we chose for Nicola’s famous ‘trash the dress’! She was VALIANT (actually we were all quite valiant!) but, as usual with Nicola and Simon, the day was great fun despite the heavy rain.

Archie Grant of The House of Monymusk was a fantastic host and really entered into the spirit of the day. Archie is hoping to hold weddings at Monymusk within the next couple of years, so keep your eyes on this space! This lovely old house is going to be one of the most spectacular settings for a wedding in the whole of Scotland.

Simon had originally wanted to row to his wedding at Dunkeld Cathedral along the River Tay from Pitlochry. This would have been an epic undertaking, and in the end he sadly decided against it. To compensate slightly for his sensible decision, we took his canoe to the small loch above Monymusk and, still in the pouring rain, had a wonderful photographic session in this idyllic and peaceful place ….. this next photograph is my favourite of the day:

Above: Note the rain!

Our last port of call was the farm where Nicola and Simon had first lived together when they returned from their year long travels abroad…….

I would like to reassure every one that Nicola’s incredibly beautiful dress is now clean, undamaged and carefully folded away in her attic……

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