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Our unique and fun boudoir photography sessions normally last 2-3 hours and includes complete professional hair and makeup, followed by an hour-ish studio session. We will edit the images and bring you back for a preview where you will see the very best images from your shoot. You can then select your 30 favourite images which we will design into a beautiful luxury, bespoke album.


We encourage people to bring their own wardrobes and when you arrive we look at the clothes and chat with the hair and make-up to come up with a style that we all agree on. This is great fun and can be really creative. We have lots of clothes in the studio if you are struggling to find something, we have hats, lippy, nail polish almost every type of jewelry. We try and get at least one change of clothes and several change of props to give us some good variation in the pictures. We love new ideas so if you want to try something please let us know!

We are sure you will leave with a fantastic set of really beautiful , unique and timeless boudoir pictures. If you are thinking about it, please come into the studio to see the set-up and we’ll walk through each step to re-assure you how the session will work. It’s fantastic fun and you’ll see yourself in a totally new light! Please Contact Us to arrange a session!

We are really excited about this boudoir photography product, we already have loads of interest so don’t hesitate to come and talk to us!

We offer a fantastic box to keep your boudoir prints is. It’s printed around the outside with your images and fits inlaid prints perfectly. You’ll love it when you see it! We have loads of other products as well that go perfectly, even some beautiful frames to hang on your wall if you are brave enough! We have loads of samples of our products in the studio for you to see.


Our Boudoir Photography is truly amazing, you have to come and try!