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Tranquility Wild West Town

We had an incredible day at this unique and rather wonderful place last week for our exciting Shoot. Tranquility is a wild west town right in the middle of the Aberdeenshire Countryside – and we all, photographers, models, cowboys, actors, horses and dogs were there mingling together for an exciting day of shooting.
A small group of wildwest enthusiasts, headed by Alistair Barron, have constructed this wild west town right here in the North East of Scotland! The saloon was the first building to be completed in early 2006, followed by the Marshal’s Office, the Bank, The General Store, the Carpenter/Undertakers Shop and the Town Hall by September 2008. A Telegraph Office was added in August 2010 as well as a corral, well and cemetery. The attention to detail has to be seen to be believed – they have food in the shops, original as well as replica props including guns, rifles and even a telegraphing machine, bunks beds, cut throat razors – you name and they’ve thought of it.
Tranquility is a place where wild west enthusiasts can meet to “chew the fat”, test their skills in ‘old west’ pastimes such as shooting, knife and axe throwing, and horseshoe pitching. They might be rehearsing for upcoming events or socialising in the evenings around a campfire or playing poker at the table inside the saloon. And it’s a place where members can exchange ideas and help increase one another’s knowledge about the hobby. Additionally members from time to time organise film making projects.
The real cowboys from Tranquility were such a help to us on the day – they were pretty accomplised actors too and great fun to be around. Arlene Cluness, the talented Western Trainer, very kindly came along to help us with her horse called Boston’s Tea Party or Rooster for short. Her partner Graeme joined us too with his amazing working police dog called Ajax, a Belgian Malinois. This added great authenticity to the day and our models were able to ride the beautiful Rooster for a touch of the real wild west.
We had a really great team of models and photographers with us and I can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm helping us achieve what we wanted. Makeup was so important on the day and we were so lucky that KayV agreed to come along and help us. Her hair and makeup was stunning on all three models – she worked so hard all day and her results were formidable I think you will agree.
It rained most of the day and we turned this to a positive, moving indoors at times to look for the dark, atmospheric rooms we found in Tranquility’s realistic interiors. There were so many creative ideas flying around which our models and actors fulfilled brilliantly. Our three female models played different parts all day in various different outfits. We didn’t want anything too predictable – rather something more arty and imaginative and our own take on the reality of a gritty wild west town.
Some of the members of Tranquility have also formed a wild west reenactment group known as the Northern Rough Riders (NRR). The NRR have performed and/or provided living history displays at the Scottish Boat Festival this year, the Lourin Fair, the RAF Leuchars Airshow amongst others and they have entertained handicapped groups & been hired for corporate events.
They are currently looking for more members for both groups. So if you have a passion for the wildwest or an unfulfilled ambition to dress up in western gear and become a cowboy/girl, a lawman, or maybe an outlaw, or an Indian, a pioneer or a soldier then please get in touch with them….
Tranquility is privately owned & only open to the general public on certain days of the year. To find out when they have their next Round Up / Open Day please click on this link …
Anyone wishing more information about Tranquility Wild West Town or the Northern Rough Riders should contact JohnnyB on 01466730265 or email…

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