Tracy and Eddie at the Winter Gardens - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Tracy and Eddie at the Winter Gardens

Tracy and Eddie
Way back at the beginning of April my first wedding of the year was at The Winter Gardens in Aberdeen with Tracy and Eddie. Tracy was arranging their wedding all the way from Texas, so you can imagine the number of emails that went back and forth! She told me she was a grandmother – it’s hard (but interesting) to try to imagine a bride you have never seen, and, despite Tracy sending me a photograph, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When eventually we met for the first time only a couple of days before the BIG DAY I was truly struck by this grandmother!! (… you can all see from these photographs……she was absolutely gorgeous!)

……just before the ceremony

Eddie awaiting his bride at the altar with all their family and friends around them

and the very happy couple after the ceremony

Ellie, Tracy’s grand daughter, was such a character. She was the prettiest little girl in the world, and Karen my second photographer that day, caught these wonderful images of her with Eddie and his mother. Talk about catching the moment! Brilliant photos Karen!

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