The end of the year 2011 by David - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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The end of the year 2011 by David

As the end of the year comes we all start to look back at 2011.  This has been a great year for me both personally and professionally. I joined Janie Barclay Photography at the beginning of the wedding season. With several year’s photographic experience under my belt  this unexpected opportunity arose totally out of the blue and really excited me – talk about fate!

We have had such an amazing season and I have loved every minute. The things that really sticks out in my mind is the super people I have met….. first and foremost the brides.   Each and every one has been really lovely.  They have all been such fun to work with and we have often been overwhelmed by their gratitude.  We have been mentioned in speeches, invited to share gourmet meals, we have even been invited onto the dance floor! We have laughed a lot! The families of the bride and groom have been wonderful too, never complaining when asked to stand outside in the cold and rain for the group photos. The weather hasn’t been very kind to us  in Scotland this year but, as usual with us, we have been very lucky and caught moments between the showers of rain. What a rollercoaster of a year! I have to tell you that the icing on the cake for me this year though has been that my beautiful partner Holly and I are going to have a baby!! I wonder who is going to be our wedding photographer!! Any offers??

Anyway lets get to the exciting bit   …….. the pictures! Working as a second photographer requires quick wits, technical skill, a feel for the mood and eyes in the back of your head! I love it, I love the freedom and artistic license it provides, and the opportunities for me to create some wonderful moments –  like this one below of Emma at Thainstone House Hotel.  I was setting up for a different shot when I saw the lovely natural light coming in from the window. For me this is a simple and beautiful shot and a good example of my work.

Bride Window Light

What a wonderful moment I caught in this photograph below.  I am particularly proud it. Laurie looks so serene standing there on the river bank at Maryculter House Hotel with her eyes gazing dreamily into the distance. She looks stunning – it’s a very romantic look.

Bride with Veil

We really starting to have fun at this wedding and the joy and excitement shows through. It’s always interesting what comes  from posing a shot. We were trying to get Jim to hold Alison in his arms and lean her backwards for a dramatic hollywood look – and this is what we caught!

Happy Bride

So I hope next year brings as many friends, memories and challenges!


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