Thainstone House Hotel - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Thainstone House Hotel

Thainstone is located just 15 minutes outside Aberdeen, very close to Inverurie. This fantastic hotel is steeped in Scottish history. It was burnt down by the Jacobites and then re-build by the famous architect Archibald
Simpson. It enjoys extensive grounds and a lovely lawn outside the front door that provides perfect opportunity for really good photography. You really get a sense of its history when you are standing in its impressive entrance. As you
walk in the huge front door and up the stairs to reception you can see all it’s fine furnishings.

Thainstone House Hotel Wedding

The history is impressive but for a wedding more practical matters are at the front of the bride’s mind. The staff are always welcoming, they are never too busy to get you a drink or show you how to get somewhere. We see alot of
hotels in our travels and the staff at Thainstone are some of the best we know of. The hotel has two main rooms one is the ceremony room where you actually get married and the other is the dining room usually used for eating and dancing.
Both rooms are well kitted out for their use. We have had some truly memorable ceremonies there. The food is what you would expect of such a hotel, that is to say it’s always delicious!

In terms of wedding photography there are lots of excellent choices. We don’t want to give away too many secrets but have a look at some of our pictures and you will see. It provides an excellent opportunity to get all the guests
‘inside’ in one picture. The space by the impressive staircase is perfect and you can fit in 120 people no problem. There are not many hotels where no matter what the weather you can capture the entire wedding in one go. The architecture
also provides many lovely scenes for photography. The arches at the front door are one of our favourite places to work.

Once everyone has eaten and hopefully had their fill of drink the carpet is pulled back to reveal a good sized dance floor where the happy couple can dance the night away! We always enjoy are weddings there, no matter the weather or time of year it never fails to impress us. I can really Thainstone is one of those truly memorable wedding venues.

Thainstone House Hotel Outside Photo

We love doing weddings there and have so many lovely pictures. If you are thinking of getting married there then get in touch, one of our fantastic albums sits in the reception hall so you can see our work any time you visit. We never
fail to capture your magical day!

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