Tegan and Stuarts Vintage Wedding
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1940 Vintage Soilder

Tegan and Stuart at Sunnyside Cottage

This was always going to be a little alternative (think 1940’s vintage wedding), and WE LOVED IT! From the traditional Celtic ceremony in the garden to the frolicking in the corn, what a day! Tegan and Stuart are an amazing couple, Stuart is in the Navy and they have long spells apart where he and Tegan can’t communicate. Every minute they spend together is special and you could really feel this at their wedding.

We have to give a special mention to their lovely family and friends as well as the dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbit who all played an important part in the day as you can see from the ceremony pictures. The ceremony was very moving – from the words used to the birds singing in the trees in the garden.

The corn field was something special too – Tegan had the perfect dress to match Stuart’s smart naval uniform. They both looked wonderful and were  a huge amount of fun to work with which  filled us with such enthusiasm to get something special for them. I think we really did push our boundaries! What fun we had.

We were so happy with the results, we got some spectacular images for them and we really wish this lovely couple all the happiness in the future.

1940 Vintage Soilder

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Much Love David & Janie




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