Sarah and DJ 16th July 2011 - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Sarah and DJ 16th July 2011

Sarah and DJ’s wedding was held at The Lodge on the Loch of Aboyne in the summer of 2011. Time flies!  It turned out to be the PERFECT weather for photography – nice and dull and overcast!  We had some very dramatic cloud formations and I was expecting a thunder storm any minute  but the rain help off until the exact minute we decided to go inside! I am always so lucky……

Sarah looked absolutely beautiful and very romantic standing on the edge of the Loch.  Her dress looked incredible as she stood overlooking the water to the hills beyond.

We had a lot of fun with Sarah and DJ. They are a super couple with lovely  friends who all really entered into the spirit of the day. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly and full of laughter all day. Here they are below walking with Jamie, Cameron, Duncan, Cherie, Ceri and Dommy on the lawn below the Lodge and Sarah with her bridesmaids in the gorgeous picture window that overlooks the Loch.

It was impossible not to notice these three little people – flower girls Aimee and  Carlee and pageboy Ronan. I love photographing children and these were three very special ones. They looked (and behaved) like angels all day long.

We had some wonderful photographic opportunities. Sarah and DJ were  full of enthusiasm for everything we tried.  This image was taken on a very precarious jetty going out into the loch and it was a bit of a risky shot. They were very brave to walk out there knowing they might end up in the water!  It was well worth it though as they look wonderful.  Thank you both so much for being such a great couple and good luck with everything you do in the future.

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