Rehearsal for Malaysia with Max and Yeen at Crathes Castle - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Rehearsal for Malaysia with Max and Yeen at Crathes Castle

Max and Yeen

I was so excited a few weeks ago when the request came from Margaret Duckworth of The Dream Wedding Planner (thedreamwedding who was organising a shoot for a very beautiful Malaysian couple looking for ‘their dream wedding rehearsal’ in Scotland……. Crathes Castle was to be the venue, and it looked every bit the part as we swept up the drive.(

There had been no time to meet Max or Yeen before the day so I was quite bowled over when I saw this perfect little ‘Dresden Doll’ descend from her carriage. Jane and Ewan MacInnes from Maryculter Carriages ( had provided them with two gorgeous little welsh ponies to pull their splendid carriage – Yeen loves horses (evident in one of the photos below!). She looked exquisite in her dress from A Big Day ( in Aberdeen. Her pretty bouquet of pink roses was by Flowers by Judith (

Max was just about to graduate from Robert Gordon University and Yeen had just completed her studies in Japan. They loved the idea of a Scottish wedding but because their huge family all lived in Malaysia, they decided on a compromise – a full blown dress rehearsal before the real thing at home with their family next year….. what a great idea……

You can see how lovely they looked together. Yeen was absolutely stunning in every pose we tried – she was very natural and easy in front of the camera. Crathes Castle has so many wonderful backgrounds for a photographer to chose from should anyone be considering their wedding there – the rooms are elegant but comfortable and full of history and atmosphere. The gardens are very special too, beautifully kept with masses of colour and interest. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred taking photos inside or out – they were both fabulous!

Max and Yeen flew back to Malaysia together just after Max’s graduation from Robert Gordon
University – with great memories of four year’s in Aberdeen and a white wedding in a Scottish castle! I hope they come back one day….

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