Wedding at Fyvie Castle By Janie Barclay
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Fyvie Castle Wedding

Mr & Mrs Wood at Fyvie Castle & Ardoe House Hotel

We have been looking forward to this wedding with the very charming and bubbly Sarah at Fyvie Castle and Ardoe House Hotel for a long time. We met Sarah at the Castle a few days before her wedding which  gave us an opportunity to walk around and get to know it’s historical and beautiful rooms. It is known as Scotland’s Pink Castle. It is is steeped in history, myth and legend and the oldest parts date from the thirteenth century. It is a very special place to Sarah – she and Raymond knew it was where they wanted to get married. You can see why – it is very impressive. We were so lucky with the weather as always.

Fyvie Castle at a wedding

On the morning of the wedding I went to Ardoe  House Hotel to be with Sarah’ and to photograph her getting ready whilst David headed to the castle to meet the Groom and the guests as they arrived for the wedding. After the ceremony we did a mix of formal family groups that Sarah wanted as well as some more candid relaxed shots of the guests and bridal party. All of these images will create a gorgeous wedding album for Sarah and Raymond.

The ceremony room is magnificent with beautifully decorated walls and ceiling. There are lovely big windows letting in a soft light and the grand piano  adds to the whole feel and atmosphere of the room. The gardens and grounds outside are stunning as well and are a perfect backdrop for beautiful images. The obvious locations for photographs of the castle are on the front lawn with the impressive castle in the background.  Have a look at these we did on the day.

Pictures in the grounds of Fyive castle

Loch In Fyive Castle Grounds

As I said before the  inside of the castle is quite stunning for photographs. There is a rich collection of portraits by artists as famous as Raeburn, Romney and Gainsborough! We had the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures of the bridal party.

Morning Room Of Fyvie Castle

After the photographs at Fyvie Castle we headed off to Ardoe House Hotel for the reception. We love this hotel as it presents us with so many beautiful locations  both inside and out. We started with some  formal posed shots followed by the more artistic and romantic images we love doing so much.  These are always our favourite of the day and we often get quite carried away and forget the time!

Ardoe House Hotel Wedding Photographs

Sarah was a wonderful bride with a wicked sense of humour and she had us giggling most of the time!  It  was a magical day and we had so much fun. What a super couple – we enjoyed being with her and her husband Raymond so much. This really was a fairytale wedding I am sure they will both will live happily ever after!

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