Margaret and Dave at Wedding at Meldrum House Hotel - Aberdeenshire - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Margaret and Dave Wedding at Meldrum House Hotel – Aberdeenshire

Margaret and Dave at Meldrum House Hotel, Aberdeenshire

Meldrum House Hotel was the venue for the beautiful wedding of Margaret and Dave. It’s such a great hotel with its huge windows allowing masses of daylight to flood in. Margaret and her bridesmaid Aileen seemed very relaxed when I arrived, enjoying the atmosphere of the hotel and the excitement and anticipation of the day ahead.



Margaret looked absolututely stunning in her dress, Belisario, designed by Suzanne Neville  and her delicate flowers perfectly matched her outfit.


And how did the paths of David and Margaret coincide and lead them here today? They originally crossed in 2003 at Aberdeen Boat Club, when they both took up rowing . It must have been something of a ‘slow burn’, however, as they didn’t start ‘dating’ until the end of 2005. And even then, they took it slowly! Dave simply began to stay over more and more in Margaret’s flat in Esslemont Avenue until, finally, he had moved in completely!

Their next move, in March 2008, was to buy their lovely little house in Ferryhill. They now had bedrooms to fill and the biological clock was ticking. So, on this occasion they didn’t waste much time! A mere nine months later, on a skiing holiday, they found out that James was on his way. He duly arrived on 10th September 2009 bringing a good deal of blissful enjoyment with him. You can tell that he is definately the apple of their eye! Little James was so good throughout the entire wedding day – with all of their family and friends around to help……

And how did David propose? In May last year, just before Margaret’s 40th birthday, (its hard to believe she’s 40!) he decided that there was some unfinished business and he had a plan to propose when they were up in Grantown on Spey, her home town, for a birthday lunch with her family. Dave insisted that they and James should visit her father’s new headstone in the churchyard. Having done this, he seemed strangely reluctant to leave; instead he was suddenly telling James that he really should be asking his Granddad’s permission first but since he couldn’t …… at which point Margaret found him holding out a ring and asking her to marry him!
The speeches were some of the funniest I have ever heard – a great deal of friendly banter between Dave and his best man Simon…….and I could see Margaret lurching between laughter
and tears!

the evening was danced away …….

And as they say, all’s well that ends well……..

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