Linda and Stuart at Tullynessle Church & Glen Tanar - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Linda and Stuart at Tullynessle Church & Glen Tanar

We had the privilege of photographing a lovely wedding with Linda and Stuart. They were a lovely couple and we had such an amazing day. Tullynessle Church is fast becoming one of our favorite churches, everything about it is perfect. It location set peacefully among the hills. The interior is beautifully finished, and it’s owned by the local community, this all makes it a special place to get married! We then went across to the very picturesque Glen Tanar Estate, where we had all dancing and drinks. The ballroom looked amazing, and everyone looked to be having an amazing time.IMG_3729 IMG_3751 IMG_3785 IMG_3809 IMG_4001 IMG_4023 IMG_4070 QK9A3229 QK9A3402 QK9A3575 QK9A3612 QK9A3620

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