Laurie and David's wedding at Maryculter House Hotel - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Laurie and David’s wedding at Maryculter House Hotel



Maryculter House  was the venue for the wedding this summer of Laurie and David. It was the perfect day.

I love the history of these old Scottish houses around Aberdeen. Maryculter House was founded on the site where the Knights Templar built a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary in about 1227. The ruins of this Chapel can be seen in the old kirkyard next to the hotel where we always go to take photos. When it was built the chapel was a sophisticated, refined Gothic structure but there is now only a fragment left and the only architectural feature that we can still identify from that original chapel is the piscina in the south wall.  It is pretty certain too that the barrel-vaulted basement of  Maryculter is from that time. Oooh SO much more to be discovered about Marculter House. I will continue to investigate!

The breeze on the banks of the Dee that flows gently past Maryculter was very welcome on that memorably hot summer’s day and we caught some wonderful moments.

Laurie and Dave and their three little boys Lewis, Liam and Daniel were a lovely family and the atmosphere at their wedding abounded with happiness and goodwill. They were surrounded by many of their friends and family – it was an unforgetable day.

Laurie’s dress was stunning. It was designed by Ian Stuart from his ‘Muse’ collectionIain Stuart won the UK Bridal Wear Designer of the year in 2010. I LOVE his designs. Laurie bought her dress from Perfect Bridal in Aberdeen. Her beautiful flowers were by Eden Flowers.


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