Kelly and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel: 7 August 2015 - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Kelly and Chris at Maryculter House Hotel: 7 August 2015

Kelly wrote a lovely story about their special day. She has some really excellent advice that is perfect if you are planning a wedding. Thank you so much Kelly and congratulations for November! 

Having read all the lovely blogs other brides have written, it made me more excited to share our special memories.  Although there are hundreds of weddings every day….your wedding is your day, and NOTHING comes close.  So don’t compare, don’t compete – make every decision based on what you want.


After many hints from family and friends (and a ‘few’ from myself) Chris finally popped the question in May 2014.  Granted it was on his territory….the 7th hole of a golf course!  It was simple – perfect for us.

As Chris worked offshore, I had to refrain from getting carried away with planning while I was on my own.  Luckily for me, Chris is very easy going, so it was his pleasure to allow me to take the lead with the organising.  I checked out a few venues, and completely fell in love with Maryculter House Hotel.  It was extremely quaint, and not fussy.  Fussy is something we are both did not want.  When he arrived home, I took him to Maryculter, and as I thought, he loved it too.  What an amazing wedding team they have there to help with every part of the planning.


We have a very internationally based family, so it was important to work in around their holidays so they could be there.  We set the date for August 2015, and everything else just fell into place from there.  We put a lot of faith in recommendations of suppliers from friends.  If I am honest, I didn’t spend days worrying about it all.  If someone recommended a supplier, I contact them and instantly knew if they were right for us.  People can get really carried away with all the ‘extras’, it’s not worth the stress.   9 times out of 10, guests don’t notice anyway.  It’s not what the wedding should be about.


We used Fiona Lawrence as our humanist.  I cannot even begin to relay all the compliments we got.  It was so personal and there were plenty laughs with the stories told.  It also allowed us incorporate a touching memory to Chris’ dad who has passed away.  She was wonderful.

The ‘Grampian Weddings’ Facebook page is a great place to ask for advice; people are so helpful and only more than happy to offer any recommendations.  I went to one wedding fare, and found it all a bit overwhelming…it wasn’t for me.

Pinterest is another great place to find lots of ideas.  As my sister lives in Australia, we had our own private boards where we bounced ideas.  It also allowed her to still be a great help in the planning.  There are so many more creative people out there than myself, people think of the cleverest things!

I am most thankful that we changed our minds about the videographer.  We were originally not going to bother due to costs.  The day goes past so quickly, and you don’t remember everything.  Janie offered a PhotoFusion package which incorporates photos and videos into one presentation.  It allowed us to look back on the special moments of the ceremony/speeches. 100% recommend having this.  For both the photography and video aspects, you could not get a better team than Janie Barclay Photography, so, friendly and make you completely at ease.  We were both very wary of having to be the centre of attention.

Weddings can be expensive and people can get carried away. Don’t stretch your budget to have everything because you think you should.  We prioritised, we had the things we really wanted and other things (such a wedding cars) were pushed to the side.  At the end of the day, it didn’t change anything – we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The sun shone brightly all day.  Everyone complimented on how relaxed, personal and the amount of love that filled the whole day.  It’s all we could have wanted and more.

It seems like a lifetime ago now that we got married, what a year we have had!  An amazing honeymoon touring California, ending with a sky dive over Las Vegas.  Now we get to start the next journey as a married couple…welcoming a baby into the world in November.  We cannot wait!!


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