Julie & Kevin at Cushnie Church & Craigievar Castle

Craigievar Castle Castle & Cushnie Church | 0

We wanted to show you this wedding, it was a lovely day spent with Julie and Kevin at Craigievar Castle & Cushnie Church. We were lucky in all aspects; the weather, the locations and the people were all amazing. David photographed Kevin and the dogs that had sweet little flower collars. They both behaved perfectly!  Janie was with Julie and her 2 bridesmaids and flower girl who were also all well behaved! Janie got some really wonderful pictures of them that you can see below.

Cushnie Church is a beautiful country church set back from the road along a tree lined avenue. It made for a perfect setting for this wedding. We had a very personal ceremony and some lovely hymns. After the church we headed off in the wedding cars to Craigievar Castle. It’s such a stunning castle and looks like it belongs in a Disney movie.  It is 7 stories high and pastel pink! It made for some superb shots as you can see below, we really enjoyed using this castle including the inside. Who wouldn’t want to be a wedding photographer?! Julie and Kevin were so great to work with, just a happy vibrant couple who were truly in love. We captured some perfect images of them that will always remind them of this wonderful day! Thank you for reading this, please leave us a comment, and see you next time!












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