Jenny and Dominic Lees At Ardoe House Hotel - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Jenny and Dominic Lees At Ardoe House Hotel

At 22 degrees, I can’t remember a nicer March day in Aberdeenshire! The ceremony was held at Devenick Parish Church – a beautiful church with huge windows letting all the sun in. The minister was very friendly and allowed one of us to be at the front during the ceremony and the other on the balcony. We got some lovely, naturally lit shots in the church. I love this one. The day was so sunny and warm and the atmosphere was really relaxed and enjoyable.

Devenick Parish Minister

Walking down the isle

At the church David noticed someone taking a picture of the bride on their camera, so he simply took a photo of them taking a photo! Here are the results. Good fun.

Bride Photography

After the church we drove to Ardoe House Hotel which was looking particularly elegant in the sunshine. The cars (a Bentley!) were magnificent…….

Brides Wedding Car

It was so hot! Jenny had particularly chosen a March wedding in Aberdeenshire for the cold temperatures! But everyone had such fun as they sat and chatted outside in the glorious sunshine on the gorgeous green lawns of Ardoe House Hotel which overlook the river . We laughed so much at this wedding I think my sides still hurt!  Jenny and Dom were the perfect couple – so happy and so in love. I was really happy with the photographs from the day. I am sure the party lasted long into the night.

What a great day, thank you everyone who was involved. Here are some more picture of the lovely couple. All the best in the future!

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