Heather and Scott at The Carmelite Hotel - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Heather and Scott at The Carmelite Hotel

Friday 6th May 2011! What an exciting morning dawned for Heather and Scott……

Heather was the most beautiful bride, and she was the most lovely person as well. The feelings radiating around her mother’s house that morning as she got ready were charged full of anticipation and excitement…..

I so enjoyed sharing those moments with her – having the opportunity to watch and photograph the changing emotions in her face.

Her dress was very sophisticated and elegant. It looked like she had been poured into it! It had been lovingly made, stitch by tiny stitch, by her mother – and how well it suited her.

Heather and Scott were married in the garden of their home with their closest friends and family around them – the gentle and happy mood of the day continued on through the afternoon and evening at the Carmelite Hotel in Aberdeen.

As those of you who have visited the hotel will know – it’s a one off! Totally special and unique with quirky rooms and interesting settings – it’s a dream for a wedding photographer.

I thought I had better include Scott too! The last four photographs were taken on a black, round bed in a round tower, in a totally black room in one of the exotic suites in the hotel….. there is even a free standing bath in the room that Heather and Scott thought they had better check out……

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