Guest Blog - Emma and Oliver at Norwood Hall Hotel: 29 April 2016 - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Guest Blog – Emma and Oliver at Norwood Hall Hotel: 29 April 2016

Our first guest blog from the lovely Emma and Oliver. Thank you!

The Engagement and the reasons for getting married:

29th March 2015 when we were in New York celebrating Oli’s birthday and he then proposed producing the most beautiful ring. We spent the next few days wondering round New York like Cheshire cats, gushing at one another and sharing our news with any stranger that would listen. We spoke at length about why we wanted to get married, how we wanted to get married and what we expected from getting married. We wanted marriage and the wedding to be a plus in our life. Building on something that was perfect already without a certificate not something that caused stress or financial issues. We wanted to keep it as real as the people we are.


The Budget:
This is and should be priority No1. If you are clear, open and honest with each other/parents and know exactly what people want/expect before getting caught up in the hype, this makes things so much easier. We made our decisions and discussed budget prior to looking at venues.

The Venue:
Pick top 3 in your budget and go and view, don’t waste life or people time tripping round the ones you can’t afford. We only viewed one which made it easier. Go armed with exactly what you want, when you want it and how much you want to spend, that way you won’t get carried away. We took full advantage of the contacts that the venue recommended. Our photographer, our DJ and Piper were add-ons to the package and were outstanding value. The DJ and Piper were just standard recommendations so really there was no decision required however the photographer was. The venue had loads of sample work, we picked the style we loved and went with it so I can only really review the photographer.

The Photographer:
Originally we thought “why do you need to go visit and meet the photographer” its actually a great thing to do, again, be armed with what you want and explain in full what you like and what you don’t like. Make sure you feel relaxed around the photographer and that you have the chemistry to make it fun. We both hate having our photo taken but because of the confidence and cheer that was given off by the photographer we got amazing photos that were exactly what we had asked for.


The Celebrant:
We knew we wanted to write our own ceremony and needed to find a celebrant, this is quite tricky because they are very busy and finding someone local certainly in our case wasn’t possible, we ended up as far afield as Elgin however that said, we chose Janet Donnelley who was absolutely amazing and worked with us to meet in Aberdeen to save travel cost/or travel. She was amazing and brought a special something in the delivery of our ceremony.

The Dress:
I chose to go to the outlet at perfect bridal thinking I would get a bargain, now I did get a bargain however by the time you add on cost of cleaning a sample dress and alterations, its false economy…buy a new one that’s made to order. The cost would be roughly the same and you would have less hassle.

The Videographer:
We booked the same as my friend Victoria had used for her wedding simply because her opinion was the same as ours. She wanted a simple actual recording of the day no fancy editing and microphones everywhere, which is exactly what we wanted and exactly what we got. That said I would probably change if I was doing it again. It was the lazy option and actually had I looked in to some others we could have got the simplicity elsewhere a little cheaper.

The hair and make-up:
Ive gone to Salon 70 for 15 years so there was no decision to be made Sarah-Jane was booked. My friend Sarah used Blush & Beauty owner Emmy Norquay for her wedding make-up, I was bridesmaid and loved the look she created so I booked for bridal party make-up.

The Nice to haves:
We wanted the day to be beautiful and reflect the people we are but we wanted to make sure it didn’t break us financially so we kept nice to haves to a minimum and made our own things where possible, rather than favours I got wine glasses made and then made personalised charm to go each one for each guest. I thought id end up with 60 wines glasses…everyone took theirs away! I made a find your face to find your place seating plan to add something fun and different and rather than expensive sweetie carts I made the children little bespoke gift bags with books, crayons and little bits and bobs to keep them occupied.

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