Faye and Colin at Norwood Hall on the 18th December 2011 - Janie Barclay Photography
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Faye and Colin at Norwood Hall on the 18th December 2011


Norwood Hall Bride and Groom

Faye and Colin live in Dubai and Faye definitely wanted snow on her wedding day! I’m not sure what she said to whom but…… the day before her wedding was grey and murky,  darkness arrived and when we all woke up in the morning a winter wonderland had magically appeared!  Norwood Hall was coated in white!  And then it conveniently disappeared the next day…. incredible!

It was a great wedding and a great day.  Norwood Hall Hotel  looked as elegant as always and provided a marvelous setting to the day’s celebrations. Family and friends were all gathered there, the fires were lit, the flowers were festive and the atmosphere warm and glowing.

Megan, Faye’s niece, was a beautiful flower girl. She was a joy to photograph.  This is my favourite photo of her:

Faye’s dress was stunning and looked so elegant on the lovely staircase at Norwood Hall.

 From the warmth of the hotel we braved the cold and snow outside….

The cake was something else – designed by Fiona Barnett  of  CakesbyFiona  with Faye and Colin and their lovely boxer dog Heidi standing in front of sleigh full of presents pulled by reindeer. It was a real work of art.

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