Catherine and Duncan at Pittodrie House Hotel - 11 October 2014 - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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Catherine and Duncan at Pittodrie House Hotel – 11 October 2014

For you next guest blog we welcome Catherine and Duncan. A superb wedding in 2014, Catherine has written an excellent blog with loads of sound advice.




After meeting at Inverurie Academy when we were both 15, many of our family and friends were always asking when Duncan was going to pop the question. After almost 9 years together I most defiantly knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Duncan, so was ecstatic when he asked me to be his wife with a beautiful ring to secure the deal!

We both agreed – ‘It’s our day and everyone else can give suggestions but in the end we have to make the final decisions!”. This is something that we both stuck to throughout all the wedding preparations. Remember your wedding day is about you confirming your commitment and love for each other, in front of your nearest and dearest – Not about all the ‘stuff!’, everyone else thinks is important and necessary!

For us choosing where to get married wasn’t a question that either of us needed to ask – We knew it would be Chapel of Garioch Church and the fabulous John Mack would marry us. Having a family friend conduct our wedding ceremony was such a special thing for us. Our ceremony was so personal, relaxed and fun. If you have this opportunity then definitely do it!
When choosing a band, try and find out a bit about them by talking to others who have seen them perform at weddings. This really helped us as it gave us first hand opinions of what they were like eg. If the dance floor was always full, if they did ceilidh dances, how good were their covers. You can go and have a listen to bands if you find out where they are performing. We did this and it was fab. It can be a bit awkward so I would think carefully about the location of the performance before you go and listen – we didn’t want to gate crash a wedding!!

When choosing a photographer, my advice would be to attend local wedding exhibitions and look at the display albums the photographer have on show. This lets you see exactly the type of photographs they take. It was also a good opportunity to speak to the photographers and find out their packages. We officially met with 2 photographers and knew as soon as Janie stepped into our house that she was the one for us. She was gentle, friendly and made us feel so special. It is so important to have a photographer who you feel comfortable and natural around – they are with you for such a lot of your special day. It has to be someone you connect well with.

Having a videographer is a must! Our whole day was captured and we didn’t even realise it. It is so fantastic to look back on every aspect of our day and relive it over and over again. We also loved seeing parts of our day that we didn’t even see and listening to and watching the ceremony and speeches are most definitely the best parts. You honestly don’t remember everything that happens – even those cringe worthy lines made by your new brother in law during his best man speech!! Although a videographer can seem an additional cost that isn’t necessary – it seriously is a must and a memory that you can have forever!

If you can, make your own wedding stationary. I always said I would and although it was time consuming, it was also very rewarding and cheap! Companies charge a fortune to make your stationary and if you can come up with a design, source the materials and give yourself plenty time – it really is worth making your invites etc yourself.


On the day, try to relax and enjoy every single moment – everyone says it passes so fast, but it really does!

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