Bennachie - Janie Barclay Wedding Photography
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We wanted to show you a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ to show you how much we enjoy what we do, what fun we have and how we set out to create something beautiful. We wanted to use Bennachie because it’s our local landmark, we see it everyday and in all weathers and it’s always magnificent. We set out at 4 am yesterday morning to try and catch the sunrise from the top. The weather forecast sounded promising although it was -5 degrees in the car park! Our bride was so brave. We carried everything up and she changed into her dress on the top of the mountain. It was so cold and she never complained! Enjoy the video and any questions please ask



We had an amazing morning. I could recommend it to anyone, just go up and watch the sun rise. Just once! It’s worth it! We’ll be trying to bring you more of behind the scenes footage to show you how we work. Thanks for reading and watching!

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